BetterWay RX

UI/UX Designer
Mobile App Design

The main objective was to produce a contemporary, responsive mobile application, thus, our design agency was excited to work with BetterWayRx on this fascinating project—to develop a visually appealing and user-friendly mobile app.


Despite the enthusiasm of our design agency to collaborate with BetterWayRx, challenges arose in achieving the main objective of producing a contemporary and responsive application. One problem that stood out in the design of the information hierarchy and user flow of the project included complex features that integrated APIs for the users to filter the location of the pharmacies based on the zip codes entered in the app.


I was the Lead UI Designer in the project that involved conducting comprehensive data and user-experience (UX) research, fostering collaboration between the client and our agency. We were able to successfully design the user-intuitive UI and UX mobile application which was essential, especially given the inclusion of complex features that required seamless integration of APIs.

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