Script Care

Logo & Web Design
Branding & UI

As the renowned & longest operating privately held Pharmacy Benefit Manager in the industry, Script Care, Ltd. decided it was time to update their overall branding and website design to meet industry standards and stand out from their competitors.


Restructuring their information hierarchy to improve the way consumers and visitors understood their offerings was the issue the client presented. The client also wanted the new logo to look smart and modern, but at the same time, they wanted to preserve the key elements of the previous logo. This presented another difficulty to the brand identity.


As a Wed Designer, I played a key role in revamping Script Care's information hierarchy using Adobe XD for intuitive wireframes. Transitioning smoothly, we delivered the design to the client's web development team. Simultaneously, we crafted a modern logo, preserving vital elements. This integrated approach resulted in a cohesive and forward-thinking solution to the brand identity challenge.

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