Granite Ware

Graphic Designer
Social Media

Throughout our collaboration, we had the honor of helping to grow Granite Ware, a brand that has gained the trust of generations of Americans. Our focus was on improving its social media and brand strategy, which led to a huge rise in user-generated content. We also gave the brand with advise on sustainable messaging to ensure that they could effectively traverse this essential component.


Granite Ware is a 150-year-old historical cookware company but has limited web presence. Granite Ware wanted to establish an online presence in order to stand out from the competition, increase brand awareness, and eventually boost online sales because their sector was so competitive.


Assigned as a Graphic Designer for this project, I contributed in establishing a visual style through graphic design, as well as a voice and tone for their brand messaging. This resulted in Granite Ware building an online community through social media and brand awareness.

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