The Middle Six

UI/UX & Website Designer
Website Design

As the Web Designer, my mission was to craft a digital presence that reflects their expertise, and innovative approaches to sales strategies. Focusing on user-centric design, the goal was to deliver an engaging and intuitive platform that seamlessly communicates the agency's services, fosters client engagement, and showcases their proven success in the sales industry.


The website of The Middle Six was outdated and no longer aligned with contemporary design standards and user expectations. Its antiquated layout and functionality hindered user engagement and failed to effectively represent their brand. An outdated online presence also poses a risk as it may deter potential clients, hinder information accessibility, and compromise the overall user experience.


The solution involved a strategic overhaul of the website's visual aesthetics, incorporating contemporary design elements and user-centric features. The content was also updated to reflect their current brand messaging, services, and achievements. Responsive design principles will be implemented to ensure seamless functionality across various devices, improving accessibility for our diverse audience.

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